Underfloor Heating - FAQ

Below are answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked about Underfloor Heating (including in-screed heating) and Under Tile Heating. If you have a question not covered below or something you are not sure about, ask us using the Contact Form.

Safe-t-WIRE: underfloor heating cable junction point

Safe-t-WIRE underfloor heating cable junction point

Q... "Are there any special wiring requirements?"

A... A Qualified Electrician must perform the Safe-t-WIRE & Safe-t-SCREED Cable Connections to Mains Supply

Q... "How much does it cost to run?"

A... Based on an insulated floor example, the typical running costs of a 500 W model in a bathroom, based on Australia average Electricity prices, would be less than 3.0 cents/hr!

Q... "What is the thickness of the heating cable?"

A... Safe-t-WIRE UT 2.0 mm. Safe-t-SCREED 6.5mm

Q... "How hot will the floor get?"

A... Safe-t-WIRE / Safe-t-SCREED cables are designed to heat the floor surface to a level which will feel comfortably warm, but will never get too hot to walk on! The thermostat regulates the floor temperature when the floor gets to the required temperature & then turns it on again as it begins to cool - thus keeping a constant temperature.

Q... "Can I regulate the temperature?"

A... Yes, a simple control dial allows you to turn the heat up or down. For more information see our Thermostat Controls section.

Q... "How long will it take the floor to heat up?"

A... How long it takes to heat the floor will vary depending on your sub-floor & its insulation. Generally the better the insulation, the quicker it will heat up. 30 minutes to an hour on a wooden sub floor, but may take several hours due to heat sink on an un-insulated concrete floor. However concrete floors also retain the heat resulting in longer cool down periods.

Q... "What sub-floor surfaces are suitable?"

A... Concrete, chipboard or wood.

Q... "Do I need any special adhesive?"

A... Flexible tile adhesives or additives are recommended, but it's best asking your tile supplier.

Q... "Can I buy Safe-t-WIRE and Safe-t-SCREED Dual Core Cables locally?"

A... You can buy Safe-t-WIRE / Safe-t-SCREED Cables any where in Australia without leaving your home.

Q... "What options are available to me to purchase products from CBS Radiant Heating?"

A... Our Payment Details page answers this question.

Q... "Can the floor heating be used as the only heat source?"

A... Yes - but you must choose the cables that give 160 W/m2 for your bathrooms or 125 W/m2 for your living areas. Also please bear in mind that the heating values will vary depending on sub-floor type. Un-insulated concrete floors are likely to lose more heat than wooden floors or concrete floors using insulation barriers conforming to current building regulations.

Q... "Would it cause any inconvenience to the tiler?"

A... Not at all if the cables are covered with Screed or Filler, if not, the tiler would need to take care not to damage the cable in any way when applying the adhesive. He will also need to use slightly more adhesive than normal to allow for covering the cables.

Q... "Is there a guarantee?"

A... Yes all cables are backed by a manufacturer's 10 years guarantee and thermostats are guaranteed for two years from date of purchase.