in-slab Heating - How to select

To select your in-slab Heating you first need to measure your slab area to establish the area to be heated in m2 then go to the in-slab Heating Pricing page and determine the cable that you need.

Our Safe-t-SLAB in-slab heating cables are engineered to allow the spacing of the cable to match the reinforcement steel spacing (200 mm). This system is designed to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates at night and return the stored heat during the day.

Single or Twin Conductor Cable: The convenience of a twin conductor, means you can lay the cable without having to bring the other end back to the supply circuit simply because, this type of cable only has a single cold tail. This makes life easier and speeds up your installation process; the choice is yours. Furthermore, the electro-magnetic radiation emitted from the twin conductor cable is virtually nil.

radiant in-slab heating: Safe-t-SLAB SSDC Cable

A roll of our Safe-t-SLAB in-slab heating cable