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Safe-t-SLAB Twin Cable Coax

Order Number Cable Wattage Length Slab Area Price (inc. GST)
SSDC-1650 Safe-t-SLAB Dual 30 1650W 55.0m 8.7 m2 - 11.0 m2 $258.00
SSDC-2100 Safe-t-SLAB Dual 30 2100W 70.0m 11.1 m2 - 14.0 m2 $333.00
SSDC-2550 Safe-t-SLAB Dual 30 2550W 85.0m 14.1 m2 - 17.0 m2 $380.00
SSDC-3000 Safe-t-SLAB Dual 30 3000W 100.0m 17.1 m2 - 20.0 m2 $426.00


Safe-t-SLAB Single Cable Coax

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