Radiant Floor Heating - Pricing

All Safe-t-FLEX kits are made to your room size and shape, so before we can supply your kit we will need a Drawing / Floor Plan of your room with measurements, showing any obstructions, fixed objects, doorways etc, along with your power supply point for the Thermostat position.

Following is a list of out prices. For more information on the controllers, visit our Downloads section. To find out how to order you product and make a payment please go to the Payment Details page.

Item Price (inc. GST)
Safe-t-FLEX (with cable connectors) $45 / m2
AE-Y310 Standard Controller $95
AE-Y309 Digital Controller $159

Here is an example floor plan for a room and the calculation of the cost to fit the room with Safe-t-FLEX.

Example Floor Plan for Safe-t-FLEX radiant floor heating carbon film

Safe-t-FLEX radiant floor heating carbon film example floor plan

This example room would cost:

  • Room 3 m x 2.55 m = 7.65 m2
  • Less 0.6 m2 (for fixed object) = 7.05 m2
  • Round down = 7 m2
  • 7 m2 at $45 / m2 = $315
  • Standard Thermostat = $95
  • Total for Room = $410