Radiant Floor Heating - FAQ

Below are answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked, if you have a question not covered below or something you are not sure about, ask us using the Contact Form.

Safe-t-FLEX: radiant floor heating

Safe-t-FLEX radiant floor heating carbon film: Easy to install

Q... "How simple is it to Install?"

A... Installing Safe-t-FLEX is simple, the floor is covered with the Flooring installer's underlay and the Safe-t-FLEX is laid out on top, and covered with a 0.2 mm thin polythene moisture barrier sheet, before laying your Wood Laminate.

Q... "Is it suitable for DIY?"

A... Yes, however a qualified electrician will be required to make the final electrical connections.

Q... "How much does it cost to run?"

A... Based on Western Australia's average electricity prices, a 135 W/m2 wattage density would cost about 1.7 cents per hr/m2, once warmed up this would drop by about 70%, so an average Living Room of 20 m2 would cost about 33 cents/hr from cold and 10 cents/hr once warmed up.

Q... "What is the thickness of the Safe-t-FLEX?"

A... 0.3 mm, the total thickness including the insulation is approximately 3.3 mm depending on the underlay used (we recommend 3 mm).

Q... "How hot will the floor get?"

A... Safe-t-FLEX is designed so that the floor surface will feel comfortably warm, but will never get too hot to walk on! The Thermostat regulates the floor temperature when the floor gets to the required temperature & then turns it on again as it begins to cool - thus keeping a constant temperature.

Q... "Can I regulate the temperature?"

A... Yes, a simple control dial allows you to turn the heat up or down. For more information see our Thermostat Controls section.

Q... "How long will it take the floor to heat up?"

A... Generally within an hour with a standard laminate, but may take longer with some laminates or thicker wood floors.

Q... "Are there any special wiring requirements?"

A... Safe-t-FLEX uses a sub-circuit electrical supply so a qualified Electrician must make the electrical connection.

Q... "Is Safe-t-FLEX suitable for use under carpet laid areas?"

A... Only if a 5 mm layer of ply or masonite is laid on the foils prior to the carpet/underlay.

Q... "Is Safe-t-FLEX suitable for use with thick wood floors?"

A... Generally, no under floor heating system is recommended for wood thicker than 15 mm, as wood is an insulator, the heat does not penetrate thick woods.

Q... "Do I need any special adhesive?"

A... No, the Safe-t-FLEX is not stuck down.

Q... "Can I buy Safe-t-FLEX locally?"

A... You, can buy Safe-t-FLEX any where in Australia without leaving your home.

Q... "What options are available to me to purchase products from CBS Radiant Heating?"

A... Our Payment Details page answers this question.

Q... "Can the Safe-t-FLEX be used as the only heat source?"

A... In general Safe-t-FLEX 135 W/m2 would provide comfortable heating for an internal room of a well insulated house. If installed in a Conservatory some extra heat during extreme cold periods may be required, this will depend on the window areas, drapes, location and structure of the Conservatory.

Q... "Is there a guarantee?"

A... Safe-t-FLEX is backed by a manufacturer's 10 years guarantee and the thermostat is guaranteed for two years from date of purchase.